HydroFoam Goose Decoys


Molded entirely from EVA foam, our HydroFoam line pulls double duty as both the LIGHTEST and most DURABLE decoy on the market. Think about a Croc™ that you can hunt over. You can shoot it, step on it, run it over with your truck, and our HydroFoam duck decoys will NEVER SINK – because, unlike other decoys, every decoy in the HydroFoam line is hollow and does NOT rely on an airtight seal to stay afloat. Walking into the hole, you might forget they are there as our EVA foam reduces noise in transportation to an almost eerie quiet.


Our SmoothMove Dual Keels on the bottom of the decoy creates less resistance in the water for better decoy movement and allows our decoys to sit flat in a field application or on ice. Removing the UpRight Weights transforms the decoy to an unprecedented level of “ultra-light.” Front and rear stainless steel Easy Attach Eye Bolts that will never fail.