Texas Rigs for Decoys: Built To Last a Lifetime


As a hunter, you have a lot to consider when setting up the perfect decoy. The last thing you should have to worry about is whether your rigging system is reliable enough to get the job done or designed well enough, so you don't have to re-rig. That's why we got our start building the first coated steel Texas rigs for decoys, designed to last generations. We created the ORIGINAL PVC coated steel cable decoy rig so that you could focus more on the moment and less on the hassle. To this day, our original design is still the most tangle-resistant, easy to use, and longest-lasting Texas rig on the market, guaranteed. Why use Texas rigs for decoys over traditional methods of rigging?



  • Fastest way to pick up and throw out decoys
  • Self-Adjust to correct water depth
  • Do not require the use of bags
  • HEYDAY’s unique DryHand carabiner Loops keep your hands dry every time